Took place on March 14, 4:00pm. EDT

AMA Class Production (Filming Your Class) with Brooke Glaser

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Brooke Glaser
Illustrator and Children's Designer
Top Teacher

About this Live Session

I’m Brooke Glaser, a top teacher here on Skillshare. I’m here to do an ‘Ask Me Anything’ on class production aka tips for filming your class.

I studied film making in college, where I learned how to use fancy equipment. But I didn't have access to that when I filmed my Skillshare classes. Instead I used my 5 year old smartphone and a bright window. You can see the results of my low budget filming in my Business for Artist’s class and my Procreate classes.

As a one person production team, I’m not aiming for perfection, just the best I can do with the tools I have access to. And I’d love to share tips for getting better quality classes with the tools you have (like putting a blanket on the floor to help prevent echo-y audio). Can't wait to chat with you soon!

Hit the ‘Remind Me’ button above to be reminded of the AMA and I’ll be answering written questions in the posts below for one hour only, March 14th at 1pm PST. 

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