Took place on February 02, 1:00pm. EST

AMA (Ask Me Anything) with Ria Sharon

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Ria Sharon
Practice Makes Better.

About this Live Session

It's been ages and quite a few classes ago since I've hosted an AMA. Since the last one, I've covered new projects (like designing coloring pages and selfie sketches) and new techniques (like digital painting and watercolors). But most dear to my heart, I've addressed the art-making and creative experience in classes like Discover Your Art Style and Finding Your Creative Mantra.

I'd love to hear from you IN REAL TIME to see what's working for your art practice and also where you'd like support. I can answer your burning questions about the classes I've already published as well as brainstorm with you about classes you'd like to see in the future... oh yeah, IN REAL TIME! ;)

More than anything, I just appreciate being able to connect with you. So I'll be right here, waiting for you on February 2! I hope you'll come!


p.s. If you have a question but can't make it on Feb. 2, drop a question here in the comments! :D

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