so many ideas!

so many ideas! - student project

this class was amazing! I was struggling for a long time about what to create, but by doing these exercises I feel I'm on the right track!

at first, I was (afraid?) not confident in my approach to the problem tree, but now it's one of my favorites methods! thanks to the discussion board, I could realize that my problem was not "what is going to be my next creative project", but in reflecting on why I was so stuck. I also added a column of SOLUTIONS, that way I could see where I could place the new ideas.

oh! one idea from this exercise is that I should finish what I started, so I forced myself to finish this class! and to try new media to create.

then, with juxtaposition, I had some really bad ideas, but it was SO MUCH FUN! I really want to do this more often.

finally, with lotus blossom I found a path on creating a specific embroidery project, using a specific stitch and a specific language. 


Esteban, thank you so much for the class and for sharing these tools. I love to learn about creativity and this was, by far, the best class in the subject!