Your Existence Is Not A Monolith

Your Existence Is Not A Monolith - student project

Here's a conversation a friend captured, eavesdropping outside a Brooklyn bar:


I didn’t mean to say it that controlling and hurtful to you.


That’s exactly what you just said. Those are the literal words you just said.


Of course I did because I was like, I thought this was like a step your hands and clap song and I said you don’t control me, I want to keep going.


That’s not what you said, you didn’t say it like that.


Well that was your interpretation of that.


No. Well, my perception has value, by the way.


And I value that. And that’s why we’re having a conversation right now.


It’s not a monolith. Like, your existence is not a monolith just cause you’re entertaining. It’s not a monolith.


I understand that. I totally understand that. 


This was a super helpful (and hilarious) exercise. I noticed that speech is not as clean as I imagined. There's also a healthy bit of interruption that happens. Someone can get interrupted by another person and also interrupt their own train of thought.

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