Yarrow pattern

Yarrow pattern - student project

Brush warm-up exercises: love them sooo much! they help a lot to gain confidence and better brush control, they can make a huge difference in quality/ struggle when working on your project.

Botanical shape study: I picked some leaves on my way back home (one of them is not a leaf, can you tell which one? hehe) They dried super fast :O same as my watercolors do. Maybe that's a sign I need a humidifier at home. I loved all the leaf shapes! I can use this picture for creating more monochrome illustrations in the future.

And finally, my chosen one was Achillea millefolium (Yarrow) \o/ a hedgerow medicinal herb. I thumbnailed different pattern distributions (circular, horizontal, freestyle) and chose the one in the middle:

Final piece, beginner level (aka. just playing with values/water amount):


As always, any tips, ideas, feedback, etc. are appreciated :)

Thank you teacher!




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