Waves on LSD

Waves on LSD - student project

I've never tried LSD, but that seemed like a fitting name for my painting.  ;D  I tend to be drawn to swirls of color altho my brush strokes aren't as smooth as I'd like (yet).

Gabriella, thank you for this course.  I'm in my late 40's and only now have I gotten excited about art.  I just never thought I could do it despite being surrounded by talent at home.  My brother, nephew, daughters are all very good.  Ive always said I didn't get the art gene.  This course excited me because of the notebook idea.  Between that, and your laid back attitude about how to put paint on a canvas, you have given me the confidence I needed and PERMISSION I needed to do whatever the hell I want while not being critical of myself and my skill level.

Thank you for that!!

There's just something about brushing paint onto a canvas I find very therapeutic. 

My notebook is only in beginning stages.  I will be adding more pages of color combinations every day.  I'm following u on Instagram and I plan to share my progress with my friends and family on there too.  

Looking forward to learning more!

All the best,