Updated Redbubble Shop

Updated Redbubble Shop - student project

I really appreciate you being so thorough in explaining principals and techniques to help build a profitable RB Shop. I had been considering starting a RB shop for some time and finally decided to pull the trigger. I learned a lot from your class and have begun implementing the principals that you mentioned. I am still working on getting my link resume together and building out my social media accounts to be more consistent with my brand and niche.

I think I have a decent grasp on the image tag principals, but I am still learning so much. I plan to upload new designs every week and have already built out a schedule to include niche research and designing so I can be consistent and build a larger catalog to help improve my chances of making sales.

Thanks again for sharing and helping rookies like us get a solid foothold in POD on Redbubble. 

Just an average guy looking to grow!