Ube Keso and Twix Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Ube Keso and Twix Vanilla Bean Ice Cream - student project

First of all, thank you for your wonderful class. I found it really helpful that I shared the class on my food blog (www.chefjayskitchen.com)! I'm not new to making ice cream at home, but I'm amazed at the amount of depth you covered in such a short amount of time. I wish you made this class sooner! 

Here are the two ice cream flavors I made:

Ube Keso is very popular in the Philippines, made with Ube (Purple Yam) and grated cheese. For this recipe I made it using your recipe for Philadelphia style ice cream and added some Ube flavoring. It wasn't as rich and creamy as I would have liked but I did consume it all. 

The next flavor I made was Twix Vanilla Bean with a real Vanilla Pod and Twix bits. LOVED IT! The twix bits does get a bit hard when frozen but it's so creamy because I used the custard method for this flavor.

Thank you for such a great class and I do hope more people take this class and start making ice cream at home! 

PS: We have the same ice cream machine!