Travelling through the unknown

Travelling through the unknown - student project

The two moneymaking methods that interested me at most was photography blogging and stock photos. I’ve started a travelling blog before, but I gave up after a while. This year I started with stock photos. In 4 months I’ve sold 4 photos, I hope I’ll sell more over the time. I’ve always travelled with my parents and I don’t have exactly deep roots, so I love to know new places. Another thing I am passionate about is food. I would love someday to travel and try out new dishes and earn money for it. My favorite places to visit are places that are not a trend, like New York, Madrid and Berlin, but small east european villages or nature paradises hidden in Brazil. I do also like to take a shot from a different angle that shows a brand new beauty. 
This photo was taken in Gmunden, Austria. Everytime I look at this photo I imagine that the world looked like this 10 thousand years ago.