Sweets by lotopauanka

Sweets by lotopauanka - student project

Wow, this was great practice. I love drawing/ painting desserts (Wayne Thiebaud being by biggest inspiration ;), however watercolour is not my comfort zone it was nice to practice on something I enjoy. Yasmine's tutorials helped a lot to achieve desired effects, and her designs are so cool!

I always considered donuts being my greatest muse, but this one didn't come out as I wanted... It's too heavy...

I love the cookie! The technique gives really great result! The cookie is my favourite. The ice cream came out sloppy, because I got a bit bored with painting at the point of making them... sorry. Also I used high blow accidentally and it made that ugly yellow smear above my beautiful cookie :(!


I love speed challenges and so was this time too. At the end of three minutes I had the below picture. I forgot to bleed the edges, so I did it afterwards.

Here with bled edges. I really like this effect and even though it looks like mess, I think the color and form is in a nice balance and one can still tell what the painting depicts... I imagine making a realistic strawberries dissolving into the mess... Would be nice ;).

I used ink brush for the outlines. I quite like the result. The whipped cream is terrible tho :/.

Looking at the reference photo I started seeing what I need to do to achieve certain look and I decided to paint the slice again without a time limit. Even though I pictured what technique would give desired effect not everything (if anything) came out the way I wanted. I am however satisfied with my improving watercolour use :).

And this is the reference photo: