Surviving public transport

Surviving public transport - student project

My concept is to illustrate a quiet moment in a loud/busy place.

I kept coming back to public transportation and how loud and annoying it sometimes can be, especially when you trow a train cart full of children into the mix. A pair of headphones can transform that situation into a quiet/peaceful moment.

(Newest updates are at the top)


Shading & texture

I have begun adding some shading and texture. I am using Photoshop for the final stages of this images as I have been unable to find a style in illustrator that i liked. I guess it is already looking too much like something I could have just as well made in Photoshop to begin with :P anyhoo more to come!

Ready for texture?

I'm calling the shapes done, at least until i start adding textures and final colors.

What is more  fun: The spaceman yelling after hes dog - the dog barking back, but spaceman doesn't hear... Or like this, a lone spaceman yelling in space?


I have started on the vectors, I will work more on the color palette later, once all the shapes are drawn, gah! it takes forever compared to a pen ;P

Ready for Illustrator

Finally made up my mind! I am going to finish this one, if i have time i am going to do them both ;D This is the final sketch of the spaceman, and a little color test in photoshop, ready for illustrator. The example on the right is simply the sketch layer turned off, i think i am going to aim for that look.

Style tests

Not really going for anything finished here, just trying to figure out what direction i am going style wise before i commit to a design, since vector and limited palette is so new to me, I'm making some small tests to figure out how detailed the drawing should be (outlines or no outlines, definition or more simple shapes, and so on.)

Some further refinement before I decide on a direction.

Mind map and initial sketches.