Stripey Tea Kettle

Stripey Tea Kettle - student project

All my Friday plans went out the window after watching the first seconds of Alanna's intro. I couldn't resist the urge to get my paints out and work alongside her. So I gave in!

I worked from my "Vintage Kitchen" Pinterest board to see what shapes stood out to me and felt more like working on a kettle than a teacup. 

I sketched the drawing lightly in a yellow col-erase pencil (the picture couldn't pick up on the lines) and swatched out my colors. I used misty green yellow to make the background color, jaune brilliant olive for the stripes, and used ivory for the tea kettle itself

Sometimes I like to be able to paint for a long time with one color, so I started by painting the background

I was able to get the consistency of paint that I love that's fairly opaque, but still shows some of the brush strokes. Next I painted the ivory onto the remaining pieces, then mixed up the brown for the stripes. I'm usually more of a perfectionist, but I tried to let the wonky stripes shine, and I'm so glad they did! After everything was dry I went over the piece with my trusty Pilot Precise v5.

Thrilled with the final result. Thanks, Alanna! 


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