Stationery set

Stationery set - student project

Hello everyone and welsome to the Project Gallery! 

I'm super excited to see all your projects come to life. Stationery is a fun way to diplay your art and the perfect product to display patterns. 

Here is my process:

Skecthing: One of many doodles I create in order to develop my project. At times I take elements from different sketches.

Color Palette: Color is my inspiration for everything I do. I LOVE Pinterest for color sourcing. There are so many wonderful palettes. In my spare time I just pin color palettes into my pin board. This one really caught my eye.

Digitizing: Sometimes the not-so-fun part, but when the icons come to life with color it is well worth the tedious work!

Stationery set: I am leaning towards the design with the charcoal bottom stripe. I will be printing these.

I also created amock up of other stationery items I would liek to develop using the sample pattern in different colorways:

Hope you all enjoyed the class. Can't wait too see your projects! 

Illustrator and Surface Pattern Designer