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Start now! - student project

So long story short: since I was a kid I had to move a lot through different cities in Spain and I’ve become kind of addicted to it. Now I’m in Barcelona, but in 12 days I’ll be moving to Tromsø, in the Arctic circle, north of Norway.


How do these moneymaking methods fit with your goals?

I’ve always loved travelling, nature and (since not so long ago) photography.

Bringing together all this things makes travel photographer a dream job for me. It’s also great because my girlfriend is about to finish her University degree in graphic design and she loves to travel as much as I do so we could both complement each other and create something great.


What is your plan to implement these moneymaking methods?

While watching your course, I’ve thought of an idea for a blog that I really like. It combines travelling, seeking discomfort (inspired by a YouTube channel called Yes Theory) and adventures. So there we have the first technique:


  • Travel blogging: it will mix photography and blogging, not exactly focused on traveling itself, but about people facing their fears around their world and documenting it through pictures and maybe even video. Since at the beginning I won’t be able to travel as much, I will start locally in the city of Tromsø and north of Norway in general.


  • Stock photography: Also, as I said before, it’s been not long ago since I started photography and the amount of (good) pictures in my hard drive is not really high. But there’s nothing to lose by going through them and trying to find some that might do well.


  • Client work: and at last, since I’ve already spent a couple of months in a place near where I’m moving and I helped a dog kennel with some pictures of their dogs for their websites, I’ll be asking them if they need help or if they know of people around who would like some dope pictures of their dogs and people doing dogsledding. They liked the photos I took and are already using some on their website, so mouth to mouth could be an easier start because of that.

Also I wanted to answer the questions you made at the end of the course:

  • What are the steps I need to make all this happen?

For the blog and client work, just start contacting people through social media and explain them my ideas and if they’d like to participate or if they know someone who’d like to. Also contact with businesses offering “adventures” which usually mean seeking discomfort and offer myself to take pictures for them and using them for my blog at the same time. About the stock photography, get my hard drive and go through all my pictures, make a good selection and upload them.

  • What is your timeline for going abroad?

Well, as I mentioned before, I’m leaving in 12 days, so there’s plenty of time plus the time I spend there. I could use the pictures I already have and ask the people I already worked with in Norway if it would be possible to go and take some more pictures so I can prepare a proper portfolio for that industry.

  • Will you do this full time? How much time will you dedicate to this?

I still don’t know how much time I’ll be able to dedicate to it since I still don’t have a job either a place to stay. So at the beginning it will be a bit messy but I’ll figure it out on the run.

  • Where do you want to go? What country or region?

I’m moving to Tromsø, but once I get a job, I want to take advantage that flights to Feroe Island and Svålbard are a lot cheaper from there. From there I’ll have to check for next destinations, but one big dream of mine has always been doing some sort of expedition to the poles.


I would also like to improve my skills with different photography styles as landscape, food, night photography (since I'll have 6 months which will be most of the time no light), portrait and documentary.


I'll leave mi IG here just in case you can go trough it and do some constructive criticism. One thing I know for sure is that I have to work on a more consisten feed, with a specific type of pictures. I'll start to work on that as soon as I can.


And last but not least, thanks for your curses Sean. I'm following you since I saw your Travel street photography course a couple of months and I freakin love your pictures and style. Keep on posting courses cause I need to learn a lot from you!

Have a nice day wherever you are to everyone!!