Sparse, Intertwined and Double Damask Patterns

Sparse, Intertwined and Double Damask Patterns - student project



  I am Anna, an artist from Greece and I really adore Damask Patterns! Thanks to Barbel I learn how to create my own damasks! Here you can see my Sparse, Intertwined and Double damask patterns. I create those damasks following my passion for complicate designs. Hopefully some day I will be able to call myself Surface Pattern Designer. 

  At this project I will show you the linework, the colored motifs and some different coloways. At the end I add two mockups for each pattern.

  First you can see my sparse damask. I call this pattern "Soft Garden"

Here is my Intertwined damask pattern. I call it "Fall Forest". I don't know if this name make sense in English, but I really like the sound of the words, hehe. 

At the end, I create a double damask. But I wanted to make a pattern with no start and no end. It wasn't so easy...but I am happy with the results. I call it "Warrior Damask"

I had to check very well if the pattern was seamlessly repeated.

I will be glad if you tell me your opinion about my 3 damask patterns here! 


The amazing mockups is from "The indoorsy project".