Sketch Tape Logo

Sketch Tape Logo - student project

Hello, everyone! Here is my typographic logo. For this awesome class, I've decided to make a logo for my project called "Sketch Tape". It's a facebook community I've made recently where me and my friends post our everyday sketches. The main idea was not original: I wanted to draw letters with ribbon effect, because of project's name :)

I've started with getting some inspiration on Pinterest. I have a specific board there for lettering inspiration, so I've checked it and searched for the new inspiring pins. Here are some of them:


Then I've made few thumbnails while watching "The Simpsons". 

Finally, I've chosen the favorite one and tried to make it in illustrator:

Well, I wasn't quite satisfied with the result (the tape was too thin and I didn't like the bottom part of the logo too) and decided to remake the logo from the very beginning.

Now I chose this sketch:

That looks better for me! Let's make it in Illustrator.

First of all I drew lines for ribbon sides, like this (I'm not good at minimizing anchor points yet, so don't blame me hehe!):

After that, I've made the shapes for folds

And after some manipulations with pathfinder I've got this:

Now it's time to add some shadows using Ray's files. 

And special thanks for the next part, Ray! It was a true discovery for me, how that compound paths and clipping masks work together. And also thank you for the idea to make separate artboards for each step!

Love it! Let's add the color.

Well, my friend Kamil told me it's lack of fatness. I was tired of this project already but decided to make that ribbon fatter! And that was the problem, I didn't know how to do it fast. I've made it from stroke, deleting some unneeded points and it was not the fast way I should say.

And final step—coloring and texturing in Photoshop:

I like one in the middle! Which is your favorite?

That was the hard project for me but also very cognitive and interesting, thank you, Ray. It was born through cut and try method, and you can see all the errors on the pictures above. I'm sure there are more easy and fast ways to do what I've done. Please teach me how, if you know!

UPD: Thank you, guys, for all your likes and comments, I appreciate it very much!