Serpentine Midnight Flowers

Serpentine Midnight Flowers - student project

I decided ahead of time that I wanted to make a diagonal serpentine pattern and that I would use blue, green and white as main colors. My goal was to create a pattern for wallpaper. 

I drew the motifs first, inked them and I assembled the final pattern in Illustrator. So I just had a rough sketch about how the pattern layout should look like. Basically I just used the branches as guidelines for the rest of the motifs. 

I drew different branch possibilities but I still went for a more naturalistic look at the end. I scanned it like this but I redrew the inside of the branches in illustrator.

This is how the foreground pattern turned out.

I found these doodle lines and flowers the most fitting for the foreground pattern, so I just went for this version. 


This is how it turned out with the background. :)