Sealed Lips

Sealed Lips - student project

Summary: Amber Zoey Ryder is the definition of cold-hearted, emotionless, and lost.

Her parents are dead, her adoptive father abuses her and her sister, and her school is a prison where the guards are popular, and the inmates are the so called "nerds".

After she kills her adoptive father out of self-defence, Amber is hastily recruited to a government-funded spy agency. To make matters worse, she's brought in by the last person she'd expect, a Popular at school by the name of Aiden Jake Thompson who is leading a double life.

When things get heated and a mission goes wrong at the expense of someone she cares about's life, it's clear that the agency who planted a mole agent is out for blood.

But how can you defeat a person who's supposedly dead?

Comment: This blurb could be better, but I don't have the faintest clue on how to make it even better. But I'm pretty dedicated to the story.

Target Audience: Teenagers and young adults. This isn't a romance book because I don't believe that every main character needs to have a love interest to make things interesting. To others, they may frown upon this but in my experience, the whole crush thing diverts the focus away from the problem that authors based the story upon. Of course, in teen fiction and such, the romance is the crucial part, but my genre is action.

Inspiration: My inspiration for the story actually came from from Marvel Comics and my unrealistic daydreaming in class. I was watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. one day when one character, Grant Ward, said, "You and I see the world differently." This instantly led to what I felt like the world was like and that's what instantly inspired me. My characters are based on my attitude and how I feel people would act in certain situations that trigger emotions and personality changes. 

Status: This book currently has 17 chapters and is currently uncomplete. I write 1500 to 3000 words every chapter because I feel as if it's the appropriate amount. Not too much, and not too little.

Peek inside my book:

Chapter 15- Tomorrow we Kick it

My gun flew towards the area in front of me as I landed on both feet. I looked up just in time to see Aiden give me a final nod and seal the upper area until there was no evidence from the inside of the warehouse that I had gotten in. "Camera's are sealed," Aiden said. "You're a go."

"Copy that. Ryder out," I responded. Taking a look behind me and observing the quiet hallway, I took one last look at the dreary walls around me and the dull atmosphere they brought before bending in a crouch against the nearest wall. I placed my left ear against it and proceeded to knock lightly a couple of times, declaring the wall I was crouched next to not sound proof and prepared myself with my fist a fair distance from the wall. 

I brought it as hard as I could to the wall. 

I carefully listened as the vibration went on before it stopped faintly ten seconds later with a small unnoticeable bang causing the vibration to reverse directions and come straight from where I knocked. I lifted my ear and my hand just in time before it hit the wall and vanished. A soundproof wall when the rest of the place isn't soundproof? That doesn't sound suspicious at all.

I bit my lip slightly as I stood up and examined the hallway for any sign of life. It was just a matter of time before someone waltzed in after the loud knock that sounded from here. Just in time for my inward conclusion, footsteps lightly crept toward my direction.

From behind me, in front of me and the nearest turn.

I calculated the risks of taking the agents out before deciding against it once I counted nine sets of footsteps. I could take them but unlike Aiden's quick kill decision, I was hesitant to kill anyone who could be under the TrianOut mind control program, or whatever program their under. 553 hasn't come clean about that. My eyes darted around the hallway, looking for a quick escape or temporary exit. My gaze halted above, an idea forming in my head as I jumped, fiddled around and hid.

Two men and a woman approached from the back of the hallway, both dressed in dark brown sleeveless turtle necks that showed off their mega muscles. The word TrianOut flashed on their black wrist watches instead of the time in orange every few seconds. My gaze lingered on the watches before releasing and watching four women meet the three from the back and two men meet from the side. They stopped about a foot from each other, each inactive before simultaneously bringing their hands up to their ears where visible comms were placed. "All clear. Prepare truck loaders for extermination. Progress with the given materials."

If my in-expressiveness wasn't always on when I was on a mission, my eyes would've widened drastically. I waved over my comm inpatient before hearing it hum to life. "Thompson," I hissed. "Do you copy?"

A few seconds passed as the agents refused to budge, possibly listening in to orders or such before Aiden decided to grace me with his response. "Doesn't Thomspon sound like a handful Zo?" He teased. I prepared myself not to lash out at him or give an animalistic growl. "Why don't you ever call me, I don't know, Aiden?"

"We got a problem and don't ever call me Zo," I said, ignoring his jab. "TrianOut's taking out the loaders. They're clean."

"Sheesh. Those boxes must be important Zee," Aiden said, huffing out a breath. I paused, glaring at the agents through the small vent lines, comparing his nicknames in contrast before focusing on the actual problem. Why wouldn't they move already?

Yes, I was in the air vents.

"I thought you already went through the boxes wha- Wait, where are you?" I whisper-yelled, continuously staring at the agents. When I figured they probably were now stationed there to prevent any security measures from being broken- just in case -I started to crawl through the dark space, heading toward the direction I heard the soundproof wall. 

"In the van with the little traitor," He answered nonchalantly. I kept a victorious grin from spreading across my face when I heard a muffled, "What the-" and a bang following after, signaling that Aiden had knocked out Alina with the butt of his handgun. He let out an annoyed puff of air. "Yeah, sounds about right. You think she'll like the nickname? I can always call her Lina or-"

"Aiden," I snapped, stopping once I realized I was facing two different paths. I let out a knock that vibrated and waited, stopping myself from flinching when a loud bang came from the path on the right. "Stop. Fooling. Around. You are on a mission. Act like it." I sighed when Aiden didn't say anything. Anyone would be processing what I was saying or just plain angered.

But this was Aiden.

"Hold on Zee," He said abruptly. My eyes darted around the vent walls, my only tell-tale of surprise. I was expecting him to joke around or something. "I've gotta do something. Thompson out."

"Affirmative,"I told him, just before the clicking sound came, alerting me to him being shut off. My eyes once again fixed onto my path as I pulled myself forward, my nails scratching through the layers of dust and cobwebs situated at every turn. His sudden change of mood threw things off balance for me. I had only known him for two months anyways. 

Eventually, I reached a long vent where muffled voices crowded the space, making it seem crowded and smaller. There was a dead end on the other side, which showed I was at the right place. I lifted my knees to squeeze myself forward. I was thin despite the junk food I ate at the 553 base. I just had a fast metabolism that Aiden always complained over. 

I shifted my position so I was doing a full 180 toward the end I came from so I could make a quick escape if needed. I scooted back and leaned against the back of my head against the dead end, the cold metal instantly cooling the small beads of foreign sweat that had begun to develop in the heated vents, and the voices became clearer as they talked a bit off Flash vs. Arrow. I mentally sighed contently, before ripping the ponytail from my hair and letting my straight black and purple tinted hair cascade down my shoulders and just over my hips. 

The ponytail flew into my outstretched left palm, and I squeezed the sides of it before ripping it open, pouting slightly.

That was a good ponytail.

I took the slip of paper crumpled inside it, and tossed the ponytail away in the vent before remembering this was a silent mission and bringing it back into my utility belt. Flattening the edges of the paper, I rolled the tight paper out until it was completely flattened against the sticky bottom of the vent and flashed a flashlight at it, warming it up.

The paper glowed slightly before finally lighting up and revealing x-ray images of what was going on in the room below me. Two men probably, three woman. Before I could get a closer look however, a flashlight beaming on the right wall on the turn in front of me caused me to hold my breath.

Someone was in the vent with me.


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