Sample Project: Watercolor + Gouache + Acrylic

Sample Project: Watercolor + Gouache + Acrylic - student project

Project Description

Here is your chance to work with different mediums! This class is meant to be taken using at least one translucent medium and one opaque medium. Try your best to use the supplies you have to complete the following activities: 

Please upload you practice rounds as well as your final project. 


Upload these assignments in the following order. You don't need to upload them all at once. A picture or scanned image of your paintings will do.

Project Description

Paint two versions of the same drawing! The frist one will be in a translucent medium (preferably watercolors) and the second version will be in an opaque medium (gouache or acrylics will do)

I strongly recommend doing the warm up activities before creating your final project, going through the process is half the fun! 

Building up color and color mixing (Transluscent vs Opaque)

Color Blending

Wet Over Dry Paint


Background order

Final Project


Translucent version (in watercolor)

Opaque version (in acrylic or gouache)

Side by side for reference:

I can't wait to see what you make! 

As always, I am here to answer any questions in the class community board!

If you share on IG use #anavictorianawatercolorclass to see what others are making in class :)

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