Recolor Artwork Tool

Recolor Artwork Tool - student project


Thanks to everyone who has taken my class so far. I hope you are enjoying learning about the recolor artwork tool and love it as much as I do :) 


Here are my recolored pattern tiles that I showed off during the class.

The patterns are called Packing for Paris, Paris Balconies and What's in my Bag.


The original color palette. The first two Paris themed patterns, I chose the color palette first and came up with a theme after being inspired by the colors. (I thought the candy colors reminded me of french macarons and then ideas flowed from that.) The last pattern, What's in my Bag, I drew without a specific color palette in mind and colored with my own instinct in illustrator after drawing and digitising. 

The first round of color changes...

The second round of color changes...

Which color version do you like best?

Thanks so much for supporting me by watching my videos and taking the time to give me great feedback and share your projects with me here on Skillshare. You're the best!


xoxo Kristina