Pretty Pink Macarons for Valentine's Day

Pretty Pink Macarons for Valentine's Day - student project

Food is definitely my love language, so my daughters and I spent the morning of Valentine's Day preparing pink macarons together. We followed along with Marie's videos very carefully and ended up with a beautiful product!

Getting the macaron shells right did take some experimentation. The first sheet looked beautifully domed for the first ten minutes, but after I opened the oven to rotate the pan, they started to deflate.

It also took considerably longer for them to cook than Marie suggested, so with the second sheet, we bumped the temperature up to 300 degrees and didn't bother rotating since we have a convection oven. That did the trick!

Next time, I'd like to be a little more precise about making shells that are perfect circles and not too lumpy on top. Other than that, I'm very proud of the results!