Portal - Character Experiments

Portal - Character Experiments - student project

I first designed my characters in different poses as a psudo character study to understand the limitations of my design.

The top character is the main character from the game, Chell. She's the lone surviving test subject from the Aperature Science test program. The bottom character is not really present in the game but more of a universe character. His name is Doug Rattmann. He's the only surviving scientist from the "incident" that creates the premise of the game. He kind of serves as Chell's "guardian angel" warning her and alluding to what's really going on through miscellaneous messages left through out the test chambers of the game.

For animation, I went a different direction than what the class specifically taught but took  the principles and applied it to what I was going for. Specifically the bouncing, offset, and bezier curves characteristics.

The legs I actually worked on frame by frame but everything else uses keyframes and parenting. A fun project. Next steps for me are to learn how to apply these techniques into something with a story.