Pinterest - student project

First step: 

After watching this series, I used the new knowledge to search around on pinterest and make a list of 10 boards relevant to my business. I need to practice my description of the boards, and finding the relevant category for each board is not easy. But practice makes perfect they say. So her is my first step; a list of 10 boards I am working on filling up. 


Update 1.

I have now made two pins for two of my products. Time will show if these works, but I have a gut feeling I might want to change the way I make the next one. Practice, it all comes down to practice. 


Update 2. Goal reached

I now have 10 boards, where 9 of them have at least 30 pins. 

I still have plenty of learning left when it comes to pinterest and learning to make the most out of the tools available. But it feels nice to have accomplished this as a first step. 

My pinterest account can be found here:

Any constructive feedback would be much appreciated. 

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