Piggy Bank

Piggy Bank - student project

First of all; Thanks Liz, for the educational and fun class!

I drew a piggy bank for someone who asked for money for her birthday. thought it would be much nicer instead of just giving her the money. I cut a piece in the back of the piggy bank so I could put the money in it. I taped a piece of paper on the back so that the money doesn't stick out like that on the inside of the card.

I really enjoyed doing it, but found it quite a search to get the right size of the card because it was first on half of an A4 and I wanted the card in A6 size. in the end this worked with printer settings since it didn't work with crop and resize canvas in Procreate.

Piggy Bank - image 1 - student projectmy sketch

Piggy Bank - image 2 - student project

end result

Piggy Bank - image 3 - student project

the greetingcard printed out..