Pattern Project

Pattern Project - student project

Aside from using watercolour pencils this is my first time using watercolours so I'm pretty pleased with the outcome of my project, although it could do with more consistency through out the pattern. 


I loved doing the brush control exercises, they were fun to do and really helped me. I really need to work on my brush control more so I will be doing this again.



Funny when I was walking round my garden looking for leaves they all looked so interesting and different but when I cam got paint them some of them kind of looked the same. I think using more colours would have made them stand apart more. I found it difficult to focus on the basic shape and not to try an dive into the details.


I loved the final project in this course. I love pattern work and have done a lot in the past using illustrator but never with paint. I guess that's why I noticed the inconsistency is the object sizes / shapes because I'm used to them being uniform when using illustrator. There's no copy & paste with a paint brush!!


I'll definitely being doing more pattern work with watercolours.