Origami Gift Boxes

Origami Gift Boxes - student project

We've never folded so much paper in just a few days—and now there are origami boxes all over the studio waiting for the gifts:)

A lot of experimentation with our printable templates for this class, all printed on a standard 90 gsm paper — not very strong or durable, but will do for light small gifts:

Origami Gift Boxes - image 1 - student project

Origami Gift Boxes - image 2 - student project

Found this cool celestial map, inverted it in Photoshop and printed out again on a standard 90 gsm paper. The folded box is about 3x1.5 cm, which could be really cool to package a ring or some other small and delicate item.

Origami Gift Boxes - image 3 - student project

Block printed patterns (form our Linocut Patterns class) on 210 gsm paper folded into a large box with a lid.  Very nice and durable, with the excess paper cut off from under the flaps:

Origami Gift Boxes - image 4 - student project

Digitised linocut pattern designed as a wrapping paper (from our Wrapping Paper & Gift Tags class) printed out on 90 gsm paper:

Origami Gift Boxes - image 5 - student project

Recycling some nice promo booklets, very nice matt paper of about 150 gsm — very easy to fold, but it holds the shape really well:

Origami Gift Boxes - image 6 - student project

Montana Spider Spray Paint sprayed onto 210 gsm white paper — serves as a desk tidy for almost a year now, and is still well intact:) Excess paper cut off from the flaps, and the flaps are fixed together with a tape first and covered with a sticker for an effect.

Origami Gift Boxes - image 7 - student project

The outer box and the lid are made out of navy blue 120 gsm paper with the insert is made from the 120 gsm golden paper—together they create a really nice festive mood. 

Origami Gift Boxes - image 8 - student project

Origami Gift Boxes - image 9 - student project

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