New Brushes

New Brushes - student project


Another great project to do. I made a whole alphabet of brushes, yes 26!, ha ha. These two were my favourites especially the 'new brushes' texture. It was made from just the hard round white circle and for the grain I used splatters. I have struggled in the past with the brush settings but now I have a knowledge of how they work. It's certainly made a difference to how the Apple Pencil works and to be able to make a brush texture to match your text is brilliant.

The alphabet piece, below, I forgot to write down the names of the brushes!!!!! ha ha obviously too excited about what I was doing.  My other favourites are the J, V and Y. Still trying to find out how I made the J!!!! but V is dotty and the Y is springy.

I really hope others are finding this as inspirational as I am. Thanks again Kim.