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My Personal Story - student project

Storytelling Course – My Personal Story


Ever since I can remember myself, I was a slow learner. I couldn't keep in class, and my mind would wander for faraway places, away from the class, the teacher and the subject learned.

I even remember one time the teacher had to write things for me in my notebook because I was so dreamy, while all the other kids were staring and giggling at me.

I never did my homework because I couldn't sit still for more than 5 minutes, and nothing really was interesting to me and I would always rather being outside playing than doing my homework and studying.

The teachers thought I was lazy and dreamy, and my mom, a math teacher herself, would get frustrated of my inability to study and pass the exams.

I remember the constant fear in school meetings of having to repeat the school year if I don't get my grades (and my head) straight.  


At a certain point, I was diagnosed with learning disabilities and was given medications for focus improvement, which helped me pass the matriculation exams, just barely.


During my army service, I stumbled upon a book by Eran Katz called Secrets of Super Memory, which gave some useful techniques and tips for remembering almost anything, from phone numbers, dates, names and even studying for exams. I started to practice some of these techniques and to my amazement, I found them to be extremely effective.

For the first time in my life, I realized that I can train my brain with the right techniques and that there was nothing wrong with my brain, I wasn't stupid or lazy, my brain was just untrained.

 I also realized for the first time that my imaginative "dreamy" mind is more like an asset rather than a liability like I was brought up to believe, in the sense that creating clear images in your mind helps remember and store information more effectively.

These realizations set me on the path of exploring new ways which I can train my mind and be a better learner. I read many books on the subject, took courses and during a trip to India even started practicing meditation as a form of calming the mind from disturbing thoughts, reducing anxiety and improving concentration.

After I came back from the trip, I started my bachelor's degree in social science, and found that preparing for exams using the learning techniques I learned, was far easier for me than in was for other students, I spent much less time studying, while getting much better grades, it almost felt like cheating.


Since I love learning new things so much, I became an Instructional Designer, which basically means taking any subject matter in the world and building training materials for it, whether it is for online courses, presentations or workshops.

After more than 10 years of working with top organizations across the country, I decided to start my own entrepreneurial path and work as a freelance instructional designer, with the vision in mind to help organizations and individuals become better learners and achieve their goals.