My Overnight Oats

My Overnight Oats - student project

I prepped the overnight oats you suggest in your course and replaced the ingredients I didn't have with others I had at home, but unfortunately I didn't make a photo of the ingredients. 

Basically, I used different fruits, different nuts, and an exquisite coffee flavoured white chocolate cocoa mix instead of cocoa powder and almond butter for the chocolate oats.

In one mix (I think the tropical) I forgot the yoghurt, but added more milk. 

I think I will develop an oriental overnight oats recipe with dates, walnuts and cardamom next time I prep. ;) 

I didn't make a fancy picture, but I think the horse already wants to try the oats. :D

As I would have had to order mason jars I just reused some jam jars I had in the house. Works fine. I could even prepare double servings in there. 


Had the White Chocolate Almond Oats today. I put them in a bowl and added some extra yoghurt and fresh bananas. I'll do this on again. With more almond butter. ;) 

Finally made the oriental overnight oats: 

They contain

- 3 tbsp of cream cheese ("Topfen" or "Quark" in German)
- 1/4 (?) cup of mixed cereals (didn't use oats, because I want to empty the box of cereals)
- 1/4 cup rice milk
- some walnuts
- 1 date (preferably medjool, because its really soft)
- 1 tsp of chia seeds
- a pinch of coriander seeds

I mixed everything together and in the morning I added a freshly cut fig.

It was delicious.

Healthy treats for your sweet tooth!