My Morning (& Evening) Routine

My Morning (& Evening) Routine - student project

Morning Routine:

1. Oil pulling - see link below (15 mins)
2. Same time as Oil pulling - Morning prayers (Personal prayers Daily Bible Reading) (see daily readings in Holy Bible App below)
3. After oil pulling, clear mouth with salty water (2 mins)
4. Drink this;
5. Meditation (10 mins) (see app below)
6. Morning exercise (15 mins) (see ManFit app below)
7. Brain Training Games (15 mins) (see Elevate app below)
8. Same time as (7) above, prepare breakfast
9. Breakfast (10 mins)
10. Cold Shower (7 mins)
11. Final prep before leaving (10 mins)
12. Read during your commute (30 mins to 1 hour)

TOTAL TIME APPROX: 1¼ hours (4:15 am to 5:30am)

In the Evening (before dinner):
1. 2nd Workout Session
2. Additional prayers
3. Additional meditation (if necessary)

In the Evening (after dinner):
4. Journaling
5. Set 3 key goals for the following day (incl. Visualization)
6. Prepare all materials needed for the following morning's routine

Oil pulling link;

Holy Bible App;

Drink Water Reminder App;

Let's Meditate App;

ManFit App;

Elevate App