My Logo Revised

My Logo Revised - student project


I first designed my logo late 2011. I have been using it for many years now. When it is small you don't really notice some of the faults, but the more you zoom in, the more I could see there was a lot of little things that needed improvement. The x height was a bit up and down and the ball ends are inconsistent, the thin and thick lines are also inconsistent. The spacing between the 't' and 'h' needs to come in as well as the two 'm's. The vector artwork also isn't as clean as it could be. I also found the diagonal slat wasn't always perfectly consistent. So quite a bit of tweaking to do.

So after hours of playing..I am getting closer..

With the 'squint test' I still feel the 'b' is off.


So this is the latest update. Would love feedback, as I feel like I have been staring at it way too long!!


Ok, I fixed up the 'b'. I realised it was on a different angle to the 'h' which was throwing it off!

Designer & Illustrator