My First Mural: Leda & The Swan

My First Mural: Leda & The Swan - student project

My husband and I live in a very creative building that lets renters decorate their door. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

I've been planning this door project for a while now but I didn't know how to start and I was afraid to make a mistake. Watching this class gave me the confidence to JUST f-ING DO IT. 


STEP 1 – Draw design 

TBH, picking what to put on our door was the hardest part.

I wanted our door to be LOUD using color (and boobs heehee). I had originally drawn this design on Procreate inspired by the renaissance mythological theme of Zeus turning into a swan and making a baby with Leda (not very feminist but wtvr). 


STEP 2 – Mockup on Photo

I had to modify the design to fill the height of the door since we live in a building with really high ceilings. Our door had a peephole, and I wanted the peephole to be the eye of the swan. I also wanted a limited color scheme so I didn't have to mix or buy too many colors.

Originally I wanted it to be all pink. but it would be too girly for my husband. I mocked up some colors for him to choose from. He picked the 4th color combo. 



STEP 3 – Make a grid and draw with willow charcoal

I made lots of mistakes but it was easy to wipe off. 



STEP 4 – Paint

This was my favorite part. I just made myself a giant paint by numbers and I got to paint it. It was easy to erase mistakes with a wet rag or paint over them.  
House paint: green and pink 
Acrylic paint: white (also to make light pink) and black


STEP 5 – Give myself high five because I DID IT



STEP 6 – Corrections

After many many days, I realized my swan looked like a stork/duck, so I gave it some eyeliner. Much better.