My Dream Job

My Dream Job - student project


My name is Jue.

First of all, thanks Carlye for all great resources and planning for UX job. 

I answered Carlye's dream job exercise questions below and I drew a quick illustration to visualize my dream job. 


How do I want to spend my work day?

- CIollab with the cross-functional team

- Design Huddle 

- Design

- Learn / Workshop

- Fun Activity / Exercise



-Because these will simply make my day well-spent at the end of the day. 



- Active/ Collaborative

- Passionate 

- Fun & Loving 


Because these are my value and I would love to work in the environment that aligns with my value.


Type of company 

- Any company that is helping people' lives better. Would love to work on a product that is relatable.  

- If I have to pick a company, it would be Google because I believe Google is helping people lives better in many ways and it's global. Working at Google will give me a platform to make a huge impact and inspire people. 


Thanks for your time (:

"To inspire, and be inspired"