Mural in a kid room

Mural in a kid room - student project

I had the opportunity to do whatever I wanted with a big wall, in the bedroom of my future niece.


As Mimi suggested I started with the illustration on Procreate.


Then I made a mockup of the wall in the room, which helped a lot to see the size and placement of the different elements.


My sister-in-law wasn't comfortable with the rays of light and she asked me to come up with something less stiff. So I made a new version with bokehs instead. She also asked for lighter colors.


Once the illustration validated, I projected it on the wall and started drawing. Then, it was time for painting.


I made my own colors with liquid pigments I mixed with white paint. I'm glad I did so because it allowed me to have colors very similar to those of the initial illustration.


It really was a fun project! Thank you Mimi for all the advices :)