Mostly Cloudy with a Chance of Seamless UX Design

Mostly Cloudy with a Chance of Seamless UX Design - student project

After taking Cinthya’s class, I started to consider the product experiences I have on a daily basis. More often than not, these experiences are so seamless that I take them entirely for granted. The best example of this? The iPhone weather app.


Most people I know use The Weather Channel app, but I’ve found that the built-in iPhone app addresses all of my weather-related needs. To Cinthya’s point, it’s not weighed down with unnecessary features — it simply allows me to see the weather forecast in my location for the week, day, and hour.


(It's a tad chilly in NYC today.)


There is also a really intuitive feature that allows users to scroll through the forecast for the rest of the day and into the next day.



And finally, I can keep tabs on the weather in areas where my friends or family live, or destinations I might be planning on visiting.


(Be right back — booking my plane ticket to London.)