Michaels Craft Store Refresh

Michaels Craft Store Refresh - student project

I usually prefer to support my local art store, but every so often I'll head to Michaels craft store to pick up some supplies. Last time I was there, I couldn't help but notice their logotype and the inconsistencies I would address if I were to help them out with a refresh.

I started this refresh project by looking at their older and current logo to see what the progression was in their last redesign. It looks like their current direction moved towards a more free-hand written style and tried to hold onto a few of the characteristics from the old logo; mainly the ball terminals of the letters 'c' and 's'. 

I understand that the style of their current logo is supposed to have some whim and spontaneity to it since it's a hand written style, but I think their might be a stronger and more legible middle ground between the old logo and the current logo. Below is a little comparison and analysis of their logos and where I think the logotype could go.


Below are a few of the step I took to create this first option:

So, This is where I am so far in my refresh of the Michaels script logo. Definitely still a work in progress, but I dig the direction it's going.

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