Least favorite person exercise

Least favorite person exercise - student project


Story 1:


As I walked into the old coffee shop crammed in a basement near my ex workplace I saw Bob. He didn’t seem to notice me at first, talking loudlier than the space he’s in, as he usually does. I looked at him, and a hot flash ran through me. It has been a while since I last had that sensation, my face turning pale, fingertips numb with coldness. I think I smiled, but my face was worried, I don’t know exactly if I gave it out. I walked up to the counter, and he seated there, spotted me, but the voice was still going on. Although, his mind might have stopped a little. I wasn’t thinking much, just to get the coffee and confront my fears of standing up to him! He had the experience of intimidating others, but I wouldn't let it this time around. This time I was much more grounded. I smiled. Not at him, but at the barista. Pretending to ignore Bob, I asked for something I drink now, but didn’t back then when I was working in this area. A hot americano please, and I’ll have it here. 


Story 2: 


I was sitting there, chatting as I usually do with my colleague, Trent. I was explaining to him how to improve on the KPIs of the project, and what needed to be done won’t take up that long as the team thinks it will. I was reaching a conclusion, convincing Trent of my strategy. Then I saw her. It struck me, what on earth could she be doing here? I thought she was away, moved to Thailand or somewhere else. I didn’t stop talking, why would I be bothered by her? Let her look at me and be ashamed of this moment. She still doesn’t know how to lead a project successfully. Snowflakes. Kids of this generation are not equipped to take it. I tried to do my best with her, show her around, how to thrive. Her stubbornness wouldn’t let her. She was weak, like most of the peers around her. I’ve tried to tell them the reason why things work so much more slowly than they used to. Trent didn’t seem to notice my slight swift movement. I might have become a little agitated, but I got the point across to him. That’s what matters.