Learning Who I am to Discover Who I Want to Be.

Learning Who I am to Discover Who I Want to Be. - student project

My Story:

My name is Chelsea Chen and I play many roles. Most of the times I’m a designer, but I also write, make bad puns, doodle on post-it notes, devise marketing strategies, identify problems, create solutions and essentially translate intangible ideas to communicate messages to mass audiences whether it’s through a brand or a product. My passion lies in bringing concepts to life and making them a reality. I love introducing new perspectives and bettering the world we live in with creative and effective solutions. For me, the fun is more than just producing an end result, but also experiencing the journey of discovering new things and knowing that there’s always something new to learn.

Most people describe me as smart, put-together, sharp and logical, but it’s no secret that I’m far from perfect. I proudly admit that I’m also messy, naive, oblivious and a bit of a ditz. I understand my flaws and instead of trying to correct them, I use my imperfections to my advantage by letting them shape who I am and emphasize my strengths. Everyone will live their own lives differently and have their own unique experiences and accepting that has helped me understand what I’m capable of and what my purpose is.

I live life the same way I work: passionately and honestly. In a cutthroat industry, it’s easy to succumb to the pressure of the intense competition and become paralyzed with insecurity. I believe my curiosity and passion for learning will keep me relevant and fuel my bravery to go against the crowd and march to the beat of my own drum. I believe that through truth and transparency my creativity will continue to grow into authentic ideas that people can connect with and be inspired by.

I want to take the initiative and put myself where I hope to see the world. I want to inspire people to do the same and create a creative culture that isn’t focused on individual gains, but dedicated to the growth of the community. It's lofty dream that may cause me heartache in the process, but I will be satisfied knowing that I played a small role in galvanizing the change I want to see.