Leaf earrings

Leaf earrings - student project

Another lovely class, thank you Joanne.


Another class, I ran into difficulties!!!


I had decided to make little leaf shapes, its getting more and more autumnal, and the first pair melted at one end, so I melted the second earring to match I rather like the effect, and the earrings have a little bubble of silver on the rear, rather nice.


I don't know if I am having trouble with my torch, as the flame doesn't stay a consistent size, it goes bigger then smaller and I just think it may be time to think about an upgrade, this one is from cooksons starter kit.


I then had another try this time with thinker sheet, I think its 1.00mm I used a rough, rusty hammer which has lovely marks, not sure if I should but I love the texture it brings. I had trouble making a matching pair and they still don't fully match, I may try sticky back tape next time I make a pair.


They are lovely earrings and a lovely weight.