Landscape Photography for Earth Day in Bali

Landscape Photography for Earth Day in Bali - student project

Hey everyone! I hope you're enjoying the landscape photography class so far. 

Earth Day was a few days ago, and we wanted to capture some great landscape photos here in Bali. We ventured up north to capture some photos of Mt. Batur, one of Bali's volcanoes. I thought I'd come back here to share some photos before I post them on Instagram!

All of these photos were taken over the course of 2 days at Mt. Batur, a massive volcano on Bali that last erupted in the year 2000. Since then, it's been dormant. It's pretty stunning. Let's take a look at a few of my favs and break them down!  


This first shot was taken at sunrise from a drone within the caldera of Mt. Batur, but the two mountains in the frame are actually Mt. Agung (Balis tallest volcano), and Mt. Abang (not a volcano). I wanted to shoot Mt. Batur, but we arrived too late and the light on the mountain was already too strong. However, these mountains still looked great! I love the light rays coming in through the side, and the lake was lit perfectly. I don't prefer shooting with the drone, but it does open up new perspectives. This shot was not planned, and I stumbled upon this composition while up in the sky. 


This is a photo of all 3 of Bali's tallest mountains: Mt. Batur, Mt. Abang, and Mt. Agung. I scouted this shot on Google Earth, but didn't know exactly where I should go to shoot it. I drove around before sunset and found the perfect spot. The conditions came through and the shot came out great! I was shooting with a 70-200mm lens at f/5.6 I believe. I edited the shot to bring out the atmospheric blues, and the warmth of the mountain tips.


This shot is called "Good vs. Evil", and I shot it at 400mm (200mm lens with 2x converter). I was up high looking down into the foggy caldera, and the shadows were absolutely perfect. This was shot about an hour after sunset, so we still had very nice light. Really love how this shot came out! 


This last shot was arranged by my buddy who is creating a book about Balinese culture. We found this incredible trail leading down into the caldera, and it lined up perfectly with the volcano. We got there just in time for the light to be hitting the volcano, while still leaving the rest of the caldera in shadows. I took quite a few photos here, and am only just getting started on the editing. This is a quick edit of a photo shot at 16mm, wide enough to show the expansiveness of the caldera. Isn't it crazy beautiful?! The fog is really something else. 

Overall, I am happy with how these photos came out. We have wonderful conditions for both sunrise missions, much better than the conditions we had for this course! I hope you enjoyed this little write-up about these photos, and look forward to seeing your projects! 

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