La City Ride

La City Ride - student project

Project Description

A friend of mine is starting a bike project that offers thematic tours around town. We live in the border between the US and Mexico, so Spanglish is pretty common.

Another friend came up with the name of "La City Ride", basically meaning "The City Ride". It is very common to interchange articles like the and el and la, and words between languages, as well as words as ride


Below a few sketches. There was no initial style, I was just trying to come up with something interesting. 


So after vectorizing many of the previous sketches, I went ahead with the last one. I did a single widht stroke and expanded it, then gave it some subtle rough texture on the edges. I played around with different ligatures for the C and R, but in the end I kept it separated. 

Final Logo

For the final logo, I added the tagline "Bikes & City Tours".

Other applications

Since this brand might be used in different formats, I went ahead and made another version of the logo in a monogram style, as well as an illustration that can be applied to different materials such as t-shirts and such. 

This was a really fun project! I ended up keeping the lines without inner texture since I wanted them to be crisp. Looking forward to hear your thoughts! 


So after getting some really good feedback, I fixed the kerning between the L and the a, as well as the slant of the a and the d. I also removed the rough texture on the outline since it was so subtle that it looked like an error. Thanks Nick! 

Here's the finalized version: