Intro to UX/UI - oncology website (images not working)

Intro to UX/UI - oncology website (images not working) - student project

1. Start with the set goals template and create your goals for the application.


2. Then make a persona and user interview script (Templates Provided) to set up for research.





We will create an interview script in order to validate those personas we created and know more about our users and their behavior. 

The learning goals out of the interviews will be as follows:


  1. What is their current behavior towards cancer treatment/prevention. GOAL
  2. What methods they use atm to get more information. BEHAVIOUR 
  3. What are the likings & pain points of those methods? PROBLEMS 

In order to choose the sample for the interviews, we will ask the following questions, if any of them is positive, we can move forward with that person.


Recruiting questions:


  1. Are you or anyone close to you, have been diagnosed with cancer? 
  2. Are you surrounded by someone diagnosed with cancer at this moment?
  3. Do you consider yourself someone who actively works on being more knowledgeable about cancer & its causes in order to prevent it? 



Interviewer name:





About themselves: 

  • Current situation re oncology field (diagnosis). Why would you want to know more about oncology? 
  • How old are you?
  • Where do you live?
  • What does your lifestyle look like? 
  • Where do you work? 


About current behavior:

  • Are you going through treatment at this moment? Anyone else? What is your interest in re oncology?
  • What kind of information do you look for? 
  • Describe the last time you looked for specific information. 
  • What was the most important thing?
  • Where do you usually access the Internet?
  • What apps do you use the most? 


About methods they use: 

  • How often do you look for information re healthy lifestyle to avoid cancer OR cancer treatment symptoms and how to soften them? 
  • Why and when do you look for this info?
  • What do you specifically want to know?
  • How do you find these services?


About the positives/negatives: 

  • Have you had a bad experience? 
  • Have you had a really good experience?
  • Do you have a favorite one?




3. After research, write problem statements, and do a customer journey map (templates provided). 

I am Mike Carey, I am trying to find out more information about oncology treatments, best diets for people suffering the disease & other related information but I cannot find this information straight away; there is an overload of information at this moment on the Internet, it is hard to know which places you can trust. Only if I had a website/app where it is easy & fast to find information and I know it has been reviewed by a doctor or any official institution, I could find all I want in 1 place, fast & reliable.



4. Use the 4up and value prop templates to sketch U.I.



5. Build a wireframe design (attached is Adobe XD file that's in the video).



6. Use the user-testing script template to set up for user testing.



Validate your design solution.

Ensure that your content makes sense to the user.

Validate that your work is usable.




Introduce myself & the task we will be doing. 




Talk out loud and tell me what you see on the screen means to you. 


TASK 1. Look for the doctor’s background. 

Can you find it easily? 

What do you see? 

Do you see all the information you would expect? 

Based on this information, could you judge the reliability of the doctor? 

What information would you need to see to be able to faster make a judgment? 


TASK 2. Look for ways to prevent cancer. 

Do you see all the information you would expect? 

What information would you add? 

Was it easy to find the information you wanted?


TASK 3. Ask a question to the doctor. 

What do you see? 

Would you add anything?