I'm Caro

I'm Caro - student project

Hello, I'm Caro, a designer "in theory" but doing a lot of skillshare classes to gain the practice I'm lacking (worked in tourism since ever, but never really dedicated myself to being a designer professionally).

So I usually struggle with typography because I see these exercises which make it look so simple, but when it comes to choosing a typography for a brand or any other project, I have a hard time deciding. So this class was actually a push for myself to go ahead and do the exercise to seeing how it all comes to practice!!

I'm Caro - image 1 - student project

 The option that I chose is the last from the list, because I'm usually a classic/clean kind of designer, but I always start a project with doodles, pens and sketches and I believe the first type portrays that better.

I'm Caro - image 2 - student project

Thanks Jenya for this class, I'm lokig forward to doing your others classes too ;)

Cheers, Caro

Caro Laina

Graphic Designer