I is for Irene

I is for Irene - student project

I made my design but because my fabric was dark, I transferred it with thread onto a dark purple linnen. First I embroidered the outlines of my letter with a running stitch in embroideryfloss. I did not like it and eventually filled the letter in a chainstitch with very fine singlespun merino wool yarn, I had spun myself. 

I added vines in a light green with an outlinestitch and eventually added okeryellow flowers. 

Finally I added leaves in a darker shade of green, berries in a darker shade of red. All of my initials in that same okeryellow with a thread of gold and in the same color I added a little bird.

I did not mount it in a hoop, because I did not have many hoops and I wanted to add the monogram to a personalised bag.