Home from the War

Home from the War - student project

(Full illustration below!)

I recently attended a webinar you hosted and through that found that you had a Skillshare course! I always hate putting backgrounds in and am guilty of drawing 'floating characters' a lot so this appealed to me. This is what I ended up with.

I cheated a bit and used a free brick brush I found online for the building outside. I did try and colour it using the course method but I couldn't get it to look in a way I liked, so I'm just uploading the linework by itself.

It kind of evolved by itself and somewhere along the line the male character became a WW2 British officer. The environment is my bedroom window, tweaked a little.

I like how it turned out, though I'm frustrated I couldn't get the colour to look right.

Edit: I tried to add colour, and also put a paper texture over it to take away some of the sharpness. :)

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