Hiding behind an object

Hiding behind an object - student project

I use a flower that that I stole from a dance performance I loved. There were hundreds of flowers being used and one of them fell on the floor right in front of me. It's in a vase near my bed, I hope the karma of the choreographer is in it. 

This whole photographing thing is so hard! I have finished the project for now. However...I feel like I have cheated a little. I should have used flashlight but then the photos were too difficult to watch. But because of the dark they're too grainy so I swept them through Snapseed. Not a lot of filters, just one thing. 

I used a tripod and my telephone, not extra lighting, I want to do that next time. Because although at first I hated it, I started liking it. But selfies are not the real thing of course. They're too flattering. The real thing is a photographer.....

I didn't use a lot of Lucy's suggestions, like turning away and stuff, because of the timer on my phone. I did the breathing though and a bit of movement. 

It took me 2 hours in total. I really wanted to finish this week, because I had said I would, but I'm a bit busy. However, better done than perfect :-)