Happy Donuts

Happy Donuts - student project


Yasss!! since the moment I knew I won the set of watercolors from the Dramatic Food Illustration class, I knew I wanted to experiment with them with this class!. I really like the highlight shadow drawing approach. It keeps me away from overdoing things and ending up with little or no highlights and overall dark subjects (I keep adding paint and my shadow areas can only increase). Defining them from the beginning helps me set limits instead of just "winging it" as I go.

I still need to find a way to put my main color over the shadows without reactivating it too much. I tried my best to brush softly over it, but some colors, like blue, are quite sensible. Just a teeny tiny bleed can be very noticeable. Other colors are more forgiving.

I loooved this exercise and working with the colors from my tropical prima watercolors. Thank you Alexandra! That green is perfect for Game of Succulents ;)

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