Hand stamped and stitched pouch

Hand stamped and stitched pouch - student project

Hi Casey!

Just a note to say that I'm also in the Portland area! It was fun taking a class from someone in my neck of the woods. Your peaceful life out there in the country being a fabric artist is enviable! 

On to the project. I took to this craft like a fish to water!

I do block printing and wanted to block print some fabric. However, I don't really like fussing with sewing machines and so I found Casey's class on hand stitching a pouch. 

First I started by carving different motifs into a soft rubber, and stamped them onto turquoise fabric. I did fish in red, and various abstract and geometric imagery in dark purple and white. Then I cut these and pieced them together with some old pillow case and some fabric scraps I had laying around.


I absolutely adored the boro stitching and embroidery part of this craft! The imagery and patterns informed my stitching decisions, and I had a lot of fun trying different ideas for decorative stitches. This felt very playful and spontaneous!

I kept my color palette mainly to red, turquoise, brown, and white. The pop of purple helps keep it from being too boring.

My final product! I love love love it!


Thank you, Casey!

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