Hand Lettering Practice

Hand Lettering Practice - student project

I started with my own versions of these characters after I created this class. 

So far, it has been so fun! I start almost every time feeling stuck and out of ideas, but by the time I reach the third variation or so, the ideas start flowing in faster than I can execute them. I'm left feeling so pumped up to create more each time! 

Here are my As:

Which one is your favourite? 

Something interesting I noticed: I started off #7 as a lowercase A but it ended up looking both as an uppercase and a lowercase A :)

I went on to illustrate #8 in colour and made a reel of the process.


Here are my Bs:

Which one do you like best? 

I picked #5 to illustrate in this case and you can get a glimpse of the process in this reel.


I will be uploading more as I complete them, so stay tuned! :)

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