Gouache Lemons still life turned into digital pattern

Gouache Lemons still life turned into digital pattern - student project

When I imported the lemons, they looked very fresh on the white, but I wanted to play around because I feel this is a typical look. It was nice to have so many similar shapes to flip and rotate. I got so much more use out of each one digitally. 

Next I played with a navy background, and then...

I started to add some blossoms in for a little extra color. I am not in love with the stems, but I felt they needed something to string them together better once the buds went in. What do you think?

Then I like the different feel each color brings to the piece. The black one is a little trendier, the green makes me think of olives with the lemons and seems very flavorful for me, the red makes me think of babushka's scarves, and the teal I always have to try because it is a personal favorite. The teal almost makes the pattern looks chalky to me. It is interesting.